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  Zhejiang Yulinlong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. to environmental protection, low carbon, green as the goal, the full use of the anti-theft door industry represents today's most high-tech fifth generation technology and technology, is set design, research and development, production and sales of high-end security doors, anti-theft door Professional enterprise.

  Zhejiang Yulinlong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of the President Zhou Jin's doors in Shanghai, founded in May 1999, the company is located in the famous "Chinese door" "Hardware Capital"-Yongkang city, Zhejiang province. Existing staff of more than more than 200 people, the company attaches great importance to professional, high-end talent introduction and application, owns more than the industry's top professional managers, technical engineers, QA experts, the team of college education staff accounted for 45% of the total number of employees, enterprises adhere to the professional team, rigorous management, advanced technology, excellent equipment, focus on creating "Julinlong" high-end anti-theft door international brand image.

  Yulinlong full use of China's fifth-generation anti-theft door of the pull riveting without welding technology, with advanced automatic spraying line, fully automated vacuum transfer equipment, mechanized surface treatment equipment and a large number of advanced Seiko equipment, in the production of a comprehensive realization of CNC, flowing water, automation and mechanization, completely out of the anti-theft door traditional labor-intensive production shackles, greatly improve the comprehensive production efficiency, so that the annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tang.

  A thousand peaks of the blue sky, good name who and Jade exquisite.

  Fanjing Next sleep 3rd, to see muffled day vomit Bai Hong.

  Yulinlong brand originates from the treasure "Jade exquisite" in the town garden of Shanghai Yu Garden, the mastery of Buddhism and the I Ching, the implication of the security of the millions of households to reassure the president, Zhou Jin-compatible with inclusive, absorbing the broad mind, will be rigid safety and flexible art perfect combination, creating Yu Lin Long product superior personality and style.

  Yulinlong-China's fifth generation of anti-theft door leader, will become China and even international anti-theft door industry to create a low-carbon door of the main force.


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Add: No. 3 Baiyang Avenue, Baiyang Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang, China

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